About us

OXOR was formed in 1997 to offer a comprehensive service to the bottling and food industry.

Our experienced and highly skilled labour force is now well established. Our commitment, mix of skills, and flexibility is the enabler to providing cost effective solutions for your projects, and for their efficient execution. We have successfully completed many projects throughout Europe, the Russian Federation, and Africa.

„Quality is our profession”

OXOR comprises a team of well qualified electrical and mechanical technicians, all of them have excellent specialist knowledge from within the bottling and food industry. We provide an extensive service in terms of equipment removal, installation, overhaul, maintenance and relocation, and we do this for major players within the food and beverage industry. Currently, our main customers are one of the largest bottlers in the world, and we have completed many projects at locations throughout the extensive geographical footprint of this Company.

Additionally, OXOR can undertake plumbing and pipe-work installations. We have a group of highly skilled and qualified pipe-fitters and welders who can undertake work on all carbon and stainless steel installations that are common to the food and beverage industry. We specialise in the installation of larger water treatment and syrup rooms, cooling, CIP systems and lubrication systems.

At OXOR, safety is paramount. Our labour force is highly motivated and committed to executing your project requirements safely, efficiently, on time, and within budget. We are able to provide references from our rapidly expanding list of highly satisfied customers.

For further information, please contact us to discuss how we may serve and satisfy the requirements of your company or group.